There is always Learning, but Willingness matters!!!

In school we have been taught so many stories about life and living, like the story of an ant when it tries to climb a wall and fails most of the time but finally makes it not because of the last attempt it made but because of its self-belief that it could make it. Maybe it couldn’t consider the attempt made by it as it’s last towards its goal but simply giving it a try as long as it could do. This is what happens with us in real life too when we keep attempting towards our goals and when there is no fruitful outcome of the same, we sometimes go after statistics as to why can’t it be done or we say let’s give it a ‘LAST TRY’. A last try simply concludes that we have already given up on something but still making the last attempt in order to easily digest the fact that it can’t be done by us. A last try can never give you the same result and experience as can a simply-keep-on-trying attitude.
With most of us it happens that we learn a lot of things in life, sometimes from our mistakes or from someone else’s. Still we find the same things happening with us over and over again and we try hard to avoid or prevent them, there by creating a chaos in us.
This is what happens when we don’t understand the exact meaning of Learning. As the saying goes, “Tell me, I forget. Teach me, I remember. Involve me, I learn.”We have all been taught this at school and maybe it didn’t matter much then, but that shouldn’t be the case always. It’s well said, “In youth we learn; with age we understand.” Unless we get involved, we won’t learn.
Learning can never be just getting a sense of knowledge of the matter but it is all about getting the real sense of understanding of the matter which only comes when we involve ourselves. Now the question here is, “Will only involvement do??” Now the answer here is definitely NO, unless the willingness of the self is not the part of it. We might do some what well without it but not great and we must look beyond settling with just good.
Ambition may be defined as the willingness to receive any number of blows on the nose. We should stop worrying about the blows on the path and start embracing them. The more sincerely we acknowledge our willingness to achieve our goals which may push us to chase them with a different insight and perspective, the more they will be magnetize to join us part by part.

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